22nd July 2021

How do large tech companies spend their marketing budget and what does it mean for the rest of us?

The way big companies spend marketing money provides important learnings for the rest of us.
28th May 2021

Join our Marketing and Sales Fri.Talks every other Friday LIVE

Did you know we are hosting live sessions with invited guests every second Friday? Follow us on LinkedIn to not miss the latest episodes.
10th May 2021
Internatioanal expansion blog image with world map and model airplane

What do you need to know about international expansion before you commit to it?

For many tech companies, international expansion is the next logical thing. But which market to go to?
27th January 2021

How Ebooks and whitepapers help you generate leads and grow business

Ebooks and whitepapers are the best way to generate a large number of interested prospects quickly and at a rather low cost. Here is how it […]
13th January 2021
Growing business. picture with business man with a small plant in hand

The best way to grow technology business

Marketing content and automation is the best way to grow technology business. Read the blog by former Microsoft executive Rolands Ozoliņš
8th September 2020

How to generate leads for your Cloud offering? The webinar recording is now available.

Recently we have run a number of webinars for tech companies all across Europe. Now a full recording of our webinar is available to view on […]
3rd July 2020

How to make your B2B lead generation process successful?

In the last 4 years, we have worked with tens of technology companies across Europe and participated in running over 100 digital campaigns in over 25 […]
27th May 2020

Learn from mistakes of others! Watch the webinar.

As businesses went into lockdown, we decided to share our knowledge of running b2b lead generation campaigns for technology companies. So far we have worked on […]
3rd January 2020

10 Things Tech Company Founders Need to Know About Lead Generation

9 min read Today lead generation with digital marketing is the best way for a technology company to grow business, particularly if you have a SaaS […]
5th July 2019

What is B2B marketing automation, and what does it do?

Marketing automation, as the name suggests, is a software (usually SaaS) tool that allows the automation of a large number of b2b marketing and early-stage sales-related […]
19th October 2018
IBD Consulting speaking at Lift99 in Tallinn

Meet us at events across the Baltics or get the slides!

Starting from this August IBD Consulting is delivering a series of events across the Baltics.
1st October 2018

IBD Consulting to contribute to Microsoft Startup Program

IBD Consulting is proud to contribute its expertise to Microsoft Startup Program that Microsoft Baltics is running in close partnership with Techchill. Microsoft for Startups, a […]
24th September 2018

Adding more salespeople won’t help you grow your technology business. Here is why.

Originally this article was published by Rolands Ozoliņš on LinkedIn. This is slightly edited and updated version. When planning for business growth, the first thing that […]
12th June 2018

Join us at 20th of June meetup!

On 20th of June at Latvia University and Microsoft Innovation Center Rolands Ozolins will be speaking about how to setup international sales engine to market and […]
16th March 2018

How planning your buyer’s journey can increase B2B sales?

Today, given the ever-increasing choice of suppliers, and limited attention spans of B2B buyers, the only way to thrive in international markets is to design marketing […]
24th January 2018
Digital Sales Engine is concept that includes digital strategy, lead generation, lead nurturing and marketing automation and lead scoring.

What is Digital Sales Engine?

This post will explain what Digital Sales Engine is, and how it helps grow your technology business.
31st October 2017
Digital marketing is one of the most potent ways to quickly increase international b2b sales.

How to start with Digital Marketing in B2B?

Digital marketing is the most potent way to increase international sales. Even a small start-up can out-compete incumbents if smart Digital Sales Engine is in place. But how do we start?