Packaged offerings

Annual or six month commitment required. Custom packages are available.

Additional Services

If you are not ready for the long-term project yet, start with the following services:

Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit to evaluate and assess the state of your marketing strategy, processes and execution in the context of Digital Sales EngineTM methodology.

2100 EUR

Competition analysis

Business buyers extensively use the Internet to research solutions they need, therefore a large part of competition takes place online.

770 EUR

Digital Go-To-Market

Planning of digital go-to-market strategy based on our own planning framework and as an outcome you will receive high-level go-to-market plan for your target markets ...

Costs: from
2300 EUR

Basic lead generation campaign

Basic lead generation campaign is a digital marketing activity aimed at the marketing of simple and well-known products or services ...

Costs: from
1900 EUR

Video / webinar

Video use dramatically increases conversion rates, allows to build trust and explain otherwise very complex concepts.

Costs: from
900 EUR

Meeting organization for trade show / event

Cost of participation in trade shows is the single largest marketing expenditure for many B2B companies. Nevertheless, a number of qualified leads generated ...

Costs: from
900 EUR

Event marketing, automation and analytics

On-line or in-person events are one of the most successful tactics B2B companies use. Nevertheless, most companies struggle to generate sufficient interest ...

Costs: from
450 EUR

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