IBD Consulting specializes in strategy, marketing and sales of innovative solutions (products or services) in international business-to-business markets.

We will design, set-up and run world class digital marketing operations (we call ir Digital Sales Engine) for you or we will work with you to enable your team set up world class marketing and sales processes and run on their own.

Our competencies cover business strategy, product development, business development, marketing, sales and partnership management.

1Product go-to-market strategy
Strategy is the necessary backbone of successful Digital Sales Engine. During typical strategy assignments we analyse competitive landscape, develop product positioning and unique value proposition, analyse and recommend target customers and target markets to select. We also might interview typical buyers, develop buying scenarios and design high level buyers’ journeys along with high level marketing content plan. As a result, our customers know exactly how to grow their business and how much would it cost.
2Marketing content development
Smart use of content marketing builds authority increases number of follower and most importantly - educates customers and gently guides them towards purchase decision. We work with several writers, editors, graphic and web designers to make sure we produce world class marketing content from short product videos, to on-demand webinars serving global audience and from brief blogs to in-depth whitepapers. Apart from marketing content in English language, we have capability to develop content in Russian language.
3Marketing automation
Marketing automation technologies allow to engage, educate and nurture virtually unlimited number of prospects automatically. As example, automation technologies allow to deliver customized marketing content at the right moment to the right prospects, host on-demand webinars during night-time, schedule one-to-one demonstrations and automatically update status in CRM system. As a result, a small company with a small sales team can easily handle and educate thousands of potential customers and generate steady stream of qualified leads.
4Digital marketing analytics and optimization
Digital technology use allows to gather vast amount of data about customer behaviour. Understanding and learning from this data generated from multiple sources allows to optimize marketing spend, create winning customer experiences and win over competition. Automated lead scoring allows for sales to focus on qualified leads that demonstrate clear buying behaviour.
5Partnership strategy and management
Sales through partner channel generate more transaction, larger amount of average transaction and higher customer satisfaction. Using partner channel, however, is not suitable for every business. Partners of IBD Consulting have extensive experience of designing channel partner strategy, recruiting and managing international partners.

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