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Our mission is to help technology companies to grow their business by creating awareness about their offered products or services, building trust among target customers and generating qualified leads.

Our key offering is to setup, implement and operate always-on Digital Sales Engine tailored to achieving your specific sales goals by generating high quality leads for your sales team.

The whole Digital Sales Engine implementation process is divided in 4 major stages – Analyze, Strategize, Implement and Maintain, which are described in detail here below.


Thorough analysis is the first step in implementing Digital Sales Engine.

Therefore, this phase is aimed to analyse your competition, to understand the market in detail and learn what would it take to achieve significant business growth in your industry.

Buying persona research allows to develop precise profile of your buyers, understand their needs, content preferences and possible touch points. Audit and analysis of your existing digital assets allows to understand your standing against best in class and identify gaps to be addressed.

After analysis phase customer receives detailed competition analysis, key findings about each competitor and differentiation recommendations. In addition customer receives interview notes and results presentation along with developed buyers persona profile.


Planning of digital go-to-market strategy is based on inputs from Analysis stage. We work closely together with customers to discuss and develop each of the 8 elements of strategy. Planning is based on our proprietary strategy planning framework.

As a result of strategy phase, we have developed a high-level plan that includes creation of the buyers’ journey and modelling preliminary marketing and sales pipeline. At this stage we have an estimate of how much effort and investment it will take to achieve our customer growth goals.

The results typically are documented in detailed work presentation and a brief final strategy presentation.


In implementation phase we set-up and configure necessary social media and digital advertising accounts. In addition, we implement and configure marketing technology and analytics tools necessary to manage Digital Sales Engine.

At this stage we also develop marketing content calendar and start developing necessary marketing content, such as whitepapers, webinars, infographics, blogs and others according to go-to-market strategy.

As a result of this stage, we are fully set to launch and run customer’s marketing activities.

Manage, maintain and optimize

Digital marketing activities require continuous analysis and optimization to achieve the most efficient outcome. Customer activities need to be analysed all way through the buying process, marketing materials and processes need to be adjusted, improved and adapted to changes in market, competitors’ actions or changes in algorithms of marketing channels.

In addition, it may be necessary to regularly create and post new marketing content and engage in conversation on social networks.

During this phase customer receives bi-weekly dashboards and performance reports along with key findings and change recommendations that are discussed over the call with account manager.

With proper optimization customers can often see decline in the cost of marketing lead generated.

Other Services

Apart from the turnkey offering of Digital Sales Engine implementation within your organization we are offering on-demand tailored services to find and fill in gaps in your sales and marketing activities to help you rise your sales figures.

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