GTM Bootcamp:
Bridging Strategy
and Execution

Join our Go-To-Market bootcamp to understand how to align marketing activities with revenue goals. Utilize our step-by-step planning framework and over 10 templates perfected across 200+ projects. Benefit from the practical support of B2B marketing experts to navigate the planning process, refine your strategies, and emerge with a rock-solid go-to-market plan that delivers predictable results.

Format: Online Classes
Start: May-June, 2024 
Length: 5weeks
Cost: 549 EUR (VAT excl.)


Why to participate?

Most marketing teams are overwhelmed with work and an endless list of changing priorities. As a result, marketing efforts are spread too thin in too many directions, and it is difficult to demonstrate compelling results.

Sounds familiar?

If you are tired of fighting endless fires and want to structure your work around a proven framework for B2B markets, this Bootcamp is for you.

What will you get?

GTM Framework

Tested And Proven Go-To-Market planning Framework
to align marketing activities with revenue goals

Five Live hands-on classes
to develop your own plan

Over 10 Tailored templates, cheatsheets and checklists
to save your time

Weekly Q&A and Coaching Calls
to have all your questions answered

Connection with industry peers and experts
to network and learn

Actionable GTM execution plan for your company
That is designed to deliver predictable results

GTM Framework

What our students have to say

Bootcamp curriculum


- Marketing and Sales alignment framework
- Understanding sources of revenue
- Bridging New Business Revenue target
- Marketing and sales pipeline planning


- Understanding and defining Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)
- Researching buying committee
- Defining Buyer's Personas

Go-To-Market planning

- Defining Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and pre-sales offers
- Planning integrated marketing and sales funnels to capture existing and create new demand

Content planning

- Creating content plan
- Mapping it with ICP, Personas and buyer's journey stages


- Creating integrated campaign execution plan and mapping it with funnel stages and KPIs
- Implementing marketing and sales business rhythm and SLA

Weekly homework based on your company, Q&A sessions and coaching calls

Final outcome: go-to-market plan for your company that Designed to deliver predictable results

Get necessary skills to promote your professional growth!

Get all the tools necessary to take initiative in aligning marketing and business goals.

Elevate your conversation with management from a myriad of short-term activities to a select few strategic initiatives that foster company growth.

Reduce daily stress and demonstrate compelling value of your work!


Your instructors and advisors

Rolands Ozoliņš

Business growth strategist

Rolands has over 20 years of experience in technology marketing and business development, including over 10 years at Microsoft. He has helped tens of B2B companies across Europe to prepare strategy of international expansion to attract new customers in B2B markets.

Andrejs Juščenko

Go-To-Market strategist

Andrejs has extensive solution sales and business development experience in the IT sector. He spent 11 years at Microsoft and led a transformation of Microsoft Cloud business across 24 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Today Andrejs works with Technology companies across Europe and helps them develop and implement growth strategies.

Is this Bootcamp
right for you?

We are passionate about helping B2B companies grow!
However, our expertise should align with your needs. This is a bootcamp for marketeers and business leaders of B2B companies who:

- Have a ready-to-market offering for B2B markets

- Have at least couple of paying customers

- Expect to generate 5000+ Eur from every new deal

money back guarantee

Risk free growth

money back guarantee

You are free to cancel your participation in the bootcamp within the first 14 days and get full refund without any question asked.