Digital Marketing Maturity

In the digital age, marketing is a crucial factor in boosting sales. That’s why having the necessary skills and abilities at your company is vital.

Our self-assessment tool for digital marketing maturity is designed for marketers and business owners to evaluate their current status and identify areas for improvement in key aspects of digital marketing in less than 10 minutes.

Why Marketing Maturity
is so important?

Google and BCG estimate that cost-savings for companies leading in marketing maturity is up to 30%, and profits are up to 20% higher.
For tech companies, digital marketing maturity is the secret sauce that helps stand out, create conversations with key decision-makers and ultimately drive sales at scale. In total, we're looking at six primary drivers of digital marketing maturity:

- Organisational Capabilities

- Strategic Approach

- Marketing Content

- Customer Engagement

- Performance Management

- Marketing Technology

Your strategic advisors

Rolands Ozoliņš

Business growth strategist

Rolands has over 20 years of experience in technology marketing and business development, including over 10 years at Microsoft. He has helped tens of B2B companies across Europe to prepare strategy of international expansion to attract new customers in B2B markets.

Andrejs Juščenko

Go-To-Market strategist

Andrejs has extensive solution sales and business development experience in the IT sector. He spent 11 years at Microsoft and led a transformation of Microsoft Cloud business across 24 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Today Andrejs works with Technology companies across Europe and helps them develop and implement growth strategies.

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