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GTM Framework

On March 14th, we started our first GTM Bootcamp online training. Before the bootcamp we did number of interviews with marketing professionals and CMOs to make sure the content of the training is tightly aligned with needs of working marketing professionals.

As a result, 4 step training was developed to help marketers with common challenges they face daily.

GTM Framework developed for GTM Bootcamp online clases for marketing professional and CMOs

Specifically, it is designed to help marketing managers and CMOs to

  • align with business revenue goals,
  • research their audience,
  • develop a strong UVP (Unique Value Proposition),
  • prepare a content plan,
  • develop an integrated marketing plan,
  • and make sure there are regular plan review proceses in place to make sure stakeholders are happy and marketeer is in charge.

While we have been delivering tailored training to customers since 2017, this was the first time we ran an online training open to any participant worldwide.

The trainings turned out to be extremely well recieved as evidenced by the number of unsolicated feedback participants shared online.

Apart from online classes, participants reciev proven planning templates to use. Every week there is a Q&A session to cover all the participant questions and provide participants with an opportunity to learn from each other.

The next cohort of GTM Bootcamp will start training in May 2024. Exact dates are not yet announced, however the registration waitlist is open.

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