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Did you know we have written a Guide to Lead Generation for Tech Industry Founders and Executives?

This is a a 20-page document containing everything a business leader in a tech company needs to know about modern marketing and how to use it to expand their business and generate qualified leads.

Reading this guide will help you to understand the fundamentals of building a lead generation system based on the principles of modern marketing.

You will understand what to expect from marketing and how to use modern marketing methods to your advantage. In other words – you will know how to turn marketing into a revenue-generating engine.

The guide is available totally FREE and without any registration.

Contents page from the guide to lead generation for tech company executives willing to increase sales in B2B markets

This guide was written by Rolands Ozolins, IBD Consulting co-founder and former executive at tech companies including Microsoft Corporation and Edge Autonomy (former UAV Factory).

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